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How this site works

As a youth development portal, this site has two major components:

At the organizational level staff interface
A staff interface is provided to participating organizations so that they can:

  • Document developmental asset training that has taken place in their organization
  • Assess programs on how they build developmental assets
  • House Developmental Asset Profile scores of youth they serve
  • Document asset building activities
  • Provide testimonials on effective asset building

At the community level public web look
The site will also be used to provide general information on developmental assets for public use and then aggregate data from all the individual organization input in order to show:

  • Number of people in Delaware trained in developmental assets
  • Commitment of organizations in Delaware to developmental asset building
  • The current level of Developmental Assets among Delaware kids
  • Examples of how Developmental Assets are being built in Delaware
  • Information on asset building events in Delaware




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