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This web portal has been designed to allow organizations to use it as a private staff interface to track developmental assets training, asset building activities, and surveys.

To access this functionality go to the Login link on the footer section of this website and create a Login. This will enable you to create your person record in the database, defining profile info, organizational info and contact info.  Similarly you will be able to create a person record for others in your organization and/or those individuals you serve.  Once created, you will be able to

- Document training you or others have received
- Administer an auto scored survey measuring the level of developmental assets of a youth
- Administer an auto scored survey measuring a youth's impression of how ell your program build assets
- List relationships you have with other people/organizations in the database
- Coming soon: allow your organization to list asset building activities by individual and the organization in total
- Conduct post-activity surveys


Delaware Youth : Organizations : Organizations

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